Editorial Design — I'm thuggin


In the Workshop with Ward Heirweigh and Ines Cox we created Graphic Gangs. The goal was to create a visual language for each gang, from the handshake over a slogan to the logo. During two weeks we waged in a creative war with the other gangs and created a publication showcasing the material that was developed during that time. Our gang, called "The Heavy Set", was visible in plain sight – but only to those who knew how to read the signs. We developed a code that has is origins in Braille, and we used it to spin a network that brings everything together and represents the gang that pulls the strings. 

Im Identity-Workshop "I'm thuggin" mit Ines Cox und Ward Herweigh wurden verschiedene Gang-Identitäten vom Handschlag bis zu einem Slogan hin ausgearbeitet. Am Ende des Workshops wurde das Material gesammelt, woraus eine Publikation entstand.
elusive — epidemic — everywhere

Kollaboration mit Rahel Witschi, Alina Scharnhorst und Daniela Spack

Dozenten: Jonas Voegeli, Ines Cox, Ward Heirwegh
April 2016